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Mindstream Company is dedicated to providing a low stress and peaceful alternative to the traditional legal environment. In a departure from the adversarial nature of litigation and the legal system in general, we have focused on providing the right environment and creative solutions to resolve disputes between individuals and in Small Business, quickly, fairly, and without the expense and stress created in the more traditional win/lose court approach.


We recognize that people are just people, and once in a while, we are all placed in extraordinary circumstances. This can lead to tremendous pressure and stress, oftentimes unnecessarily. We look to assist those in need with solutions that allow them to settle and solve the issues at hand, reduce stress, and move on with their life and business.

Mindstream invites you to schedule a complimentary and confidential phone consultation to determine your needs and a convenient location for all parties to meet.

 Mediation by a UC Berkeley Certified Mediator who is also cross-trained in Mind-Body Stress Reduction (MBSR) practices


• Conflict Resolution for Individual and Small Business needs

For more detailed information please email Gina directly at 


We look forward to working for, and with you!

*Services offered in partnership and collaboration with other professionals when requested.

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