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"Cancer Prevention is the New Cure!"

- Gina Jackson | Founder of Mindstream Company specializes in Breast and Uterine cancer support.


Gina is a two time cancer thriver and offers Cancer and Menopause stress management support. Reach Out and say Hello! to learn about custom classes just for you or your organization. We welcome collaboration with Integrative Health professionals.


The MindStream Company mission is to be an effective resource for individuals and organizations that want to decrease stress and increase the "Happy Factor" by learning skills that can measurably make a difference at home and work.


Gina's intimate experience with genetic cancer that runs deep in her family has led her to blaze the trail in sharing the best integrative health practices that she personally uses in her daily life in order to help prevent future cancers. Gina hopes to inspire other women to thrive through adversity and live life each moment with a sense of authentic power. 


Gina Hero's Journey

In October of 2015, Gina helped doctors detect her own cancer of the uterus and due to "paying attention" and advocating for her own health, she is cured of that cancer after having radical surgery. Again, in early 2016, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is navigating the "NOW" through this next phase of her journey. She realized that if she could find the strength in herself to thrive through such adversity, she had something meaningful to share and help others with.


Gina is dedicating her work and personal experiences to raising awareness around Cancer Prevention and Integrative Health Practices that can help millions of people navigate their own Hero's Journey. She works with nonprofit organizations such as to draw attention to the importance of prevention, early detection, and genetic screening.


To book a class or connect with Gina, please send email.

Resilience is a key technique.

Can a cocktail of Anti-Angio foods starve Cancer? For me it did.


This is the Dr. Oz questionnaire that Gina used to help detect her own female cancer

Ovarian-Cancer silent killer DR. OZ 2011

My Favourite Non-Profits

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Be Inspired, Let's Thrive

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