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Learn to Live in the Present Moment, Every Moment

As a Mind-Fitness Meditation instructor and Mindful Mediator, Gina Jackson’s mission is to be an effective resource for individuals and organizations alike who want to live with less stress and dis-ease in their lives. “We often want anger and suffering to go away,” Jackson said. “But what if we, at the moment it happens, see a feeling for what it is? We realize the magic — that the emotion doesn’t actually have any power over us, unless we respond.”

Through her work with the MindStream Company, Jackson takes individuals on an eight-week journey that helps reduce stress and anxiety while enabling people to deal with the world as it is today.

The key behind Jackson’s methods is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, a program developed and utilized at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center which empowers people to live with physical and emotional pain and a range of conditions and life issues. Gina says, “Let’s be clear: you don’t have to be in pain to learn the skill. If you want more focus and to feel more vibrant, then this skill is for you, too.”

The class teaches many forms of mindfulness, including walking, eating, sitting, and the ever favorite body scan practice, which enables her clients to hold space for themselves and for the awareness of what is going on in the present moment. Mindfulness is key, Jackson said. “Our mind is full all the time, but are we actually mindful?” Along with an eight-week program for individuals, the MindStream Company also provides its services to organizations seeking to reduce stress, employee downtime or sick days — all of which cost companies extraneous dollars annually.

The quest for mindfulness enabled Jackson to help save her own life, as she used the body scan as one of the mindfulness tools to detect her own cancer. Now, she uses her practice to enrich her life and to inspire others. “When I diagnosed myself (working with my MD), I realized how powerful body scanning and meditation really are,” Jackson said, “and I realize how empowering the practical tools of mindful meditation can actually be in everyday life. Paying attention can save your life or someone else’s.”

Today, Gina utilizes an integrative health approach to live a vibrant life as a two-time cancer thriver. Her hope is that once she helps her clients gain mindfulness and meditation skills, they will have tools to use anytime, anywhere to increase joy and decrease stress.

Meditation is a key component of the eight-week journey Gina Jackson, Founder of MindStream Company, takes individuals and businesses on — a path to living with less chronic stress and more mindfulness.

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