Gina is a Mind-Fitness Meditation Instructor and Mindful Mediator who helps people thrive through stress, anxiety, and dis-ease.


Mindstream's mission is to be an effective resource for individuals and organizations who want to decrease stress and increase the "Happy Factor" by learning skills that can measurably make a difference at home and work.


Gina says, "Just do it, let's meditate!"

"Let's increase joy and decrease stress and dis-ease together! This skill is inexpensive, drug free and once you practice, you have it for life. No one can take this kind of authentic power away from you." 

- Gina Jackson


In October of 2015, Gina helped doctors detect her own cancer of the uterus. Due to "paying attention" and advocating for her own health, she is cured of that cancer after having radical surgery. Again, in early 2016, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently navigating the "NOW." She realized that if she could find the strength in herself to thrive through adversity, she had something meaningful to share. Gina is dedicating her work and her personal experiences to creating awareness around topics that affect our Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Gina Jackson's story and mindful quest began in June 2010, when she experienced a once-in-a-lifetime traumatic event that forced her to live with injustice and fear beyond her imagination. This event left her nearly penniless and isolated. She experienced the destruction of her husband's company, along with the life she had known, as well as the death of close friends and a family member. Gina is documenting and sharing her very own hero's journey, as so many other inspiring people have done before her.


 Gina sits on boards and stays engaged with organizations that are like minded in creating more awareness for projects of peace and integrative health practices. Such as New Beginnings Law Center, based in Marin County, and BrightPink.org, a cancer education non-profit. 

 Gina's education includes: Studies at Osher Medical Center and El Camino Hospital; Mindful Schools teacher practicum completion program; ongoing studies in Conflict Resolution Mediation at UC Berkeley; and MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) teacher practicum. Gina has thousands of hours of sitting practice and meditates daily.  



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